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Power Control Center

Power-control-centrePower Control Center has been manufacturing with an emphasis on Controlling the Voltage and Reactive Power. Power Control Systems needs a highly qualified and trained technical staff for the complex panel building activities.


  • Meet critical business objective.
  • Increases power reliability at every stage.
  • ┬áJudiciously controls energy cost.
  • Automatic selection of available utility in efficient manner.
  • Control peak demand levels.
  • Fast acting control sophisticated systems.
  • Protection Against Fault


  • Lower the Energy Consumption.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Equipment Protection.
  • Warning alerts of visible and audible motor overheat.


  • Isolation Against Fault.
  • Full value of money.
  • Minimized the Shutdown.
  • Improved work condition.